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July 07, 2010


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Lars Anderson

Leah, have you all worked with any companies to help them publicize their efforts toward trying to be more green conscious? Interested in any thoughts from the trenches you all might have about how to balance what a company has done well versus the significant ground they might still have to cover.


Hi Lars,

We do work with companies to help publicize their sustainability efforts, as well as cleantech companies to help launch their innovative products or services. We have not worked with any sports entities specifically, but much of the foundation we build can be applied to them. We customize our strategy based on the company, its needs and what their audience is looking for. However, a key rule to remember is to know what your customers care about and take action to support that cause in a significant way. And people want to see results; it's not enough to say you're doing it, you need to prove or back it up with results. I'm happy to talk more offline!

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